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Colorful Ideas

Ideas travel faster

when you can see them!


Al Mansoori 


an Emirati digital artist with hearing and visual challenges along with a will and determination. 

Mohamed is eager to demonstrate that by using technology and art, he can remove the barriers created by his vision and hearing challenges


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Mohamed received a high school diploma from the United Arab Emirates with a percentage of 71.2%. Then he travelled to the United States and learned American Sign Language, English, and Math at Gallaudet University.

IMG_0070 2.jpg

He is fascinated by everything related to computers and phones. He likes drawing and video editing. One of the things that he really enjoys working on is 3D Building Design. His artistic and technical skills are barely the result of self-education and practice.

3D Building Design

It is a passion!


My hobby!


It is always fun to add some movements to a still image!


I aim to use my artistic and technical skills in something that will serve the community in general and the people of determination in specific. I hope to get the opportunity to be an active member in the society.

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